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Camellia japonica and Camellia sasanqua

By Yasunori Kanda
Tsu-ba-ki (in Japanese) is well known as ''Camellia Japonica'' botanically and Japan is its origin, as you might imagine. Sa-za-n-ka's (in Japanese) botanical name is ''Camellia Sasanqua'' and it is also originally from Japan. The japonicas bloom in early spring. The sasanquas bloom in fall and grow in the mountain area of the west side region in Japan. This species is made up of a large number of varieties (running into the hundreds) and colors. The japonicas do not smell, but some sasanqua smells. In general, it is said that the japonica's blooms drop, but the sasanqua's blooms shatter.

In 1996 season I used digital camera (QV-10) . In 97-2003 I was using digital handycam (sony DCR-PC7). In 2004- I am using digital camera.

  • This is the camellias photo list.(total 1,700)
    You can find the camellia jpeg file by searching camellia name.

    BIG beautifull camellia photos

    1600X1200 dot photo 100-200KB big file size!
  • 109photos of 25 camellias in my garden2003 of spring by Digital Camera.
  • 88photos of 20 camellias of KANAGAWA nature center6, apr 2003 .
  • 25photos of 15 camellias of KANAGAWA nature center26, mar. 2005 .

    Jindai Botanic Park in Cyoufu City

    I visited Jindai Botanic Park camellia garden in Cyoufu City.(5, apr.2005)
    The condition of the camellia flowers is very good.
  • 107 camellia photos
    add 2 photos (mar.12.2009)
  • 3 camellia families from china and vietnum in greenhouse.(2008.1.30)

    Yakushiike Park in Machida City

    I visited Yakushiike Park in Machida City.(29, mar.2005) I took camellia photos in the camellia garden.
  • 31 camellia photos

    Kawasaki Green Center in Kawasaki City

    I visited Green Center in Kawasaki City.(21, apr. 2004) I took 51 photos including western camallias .
    add 17 photos.(feb.14.2009)
  • 66 camellia photos

    camellias from southeast asia

    I visited yumenoshima tropical greenhouse dome in tokyo to see recently discovered camellias from vietnam and yellow camellias. (8 mar 2005)
  • camellias from southeast asia

    Kanagawa Nature Center in Atsugi city (143 photos)

    I visited Kanagawa Nature Center in Atsugi city several times in 1997 season. The winter was warmer, the flowers are good conditions. total 143 beautiful camellia photos in alphabetic order.
  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3
  • part 4
  • part 5

    Shimoda Garden

    Camellia Garden in Shimoda City 2005.2.25
  • Shimoda

    Kinder Land in Miyazaki City (106 photos)

    I visited Kinder Land in Miyazaki city in 24 Feb. 2002.
    The camellia garden is located near the sea shore and Miyazaki area is very warm. The conditions of the camellias are very good.
  • 55 japanese camellias
  • 20 HIGO camellias
  • 31 U.S camellias

    Jyougashima garden in Miura Peninsula.(7 photos)

    In 20 mar 2001, I went to Jyougashima garden.
    good weather, good flower conditions.
  • 4 camellia photos and Original camellia japanica .

    Kyoto botanical garden in Kyoto City.(7 photos)

    In 11 mar 2001, I went to Kyoto botanical garden.
  • 7 camellia photos.

    Higashiyama botanic garden in Nagoya city

    In 19 Mar. 2000, I visited Higashiyama Botanic Garden in Nagoya City.
  • 33 photos including nagoya camellias

    Aioi electric power plant

    In 20 Mar. 2000, I visited Aioi electric power plant in Aioi city of Hyougo pref.
    There are many camellias in the garden of the power plant.
  • 24 camellias

    Camellia garden in OOHARA town of CHIBA pref.(7 photos)

    In 14 feb 1999 I went to camellia garden in OOHARA town.
  • 7 camellia photos.

    ATAGAWA tropical & alligator garden camellia show (127 photos)

    In 18 Jan. 2000, I visited to see camellia show adding 13 photos.
    In 31 Jan 1999 I went to tropical & alligator garden to see camellia show.
    I took strange camellia family photos including vietnamese yellow camellia.
    I took 75 American camellia photos from
    Nuccio's Nurseries of U.S.A.(P.O.Box6160, 3555 Chaney Trail Altadena CA 91001 phone: 626-794-3383)
  • western camellia part 1
  • western camellia part 2
  • western camellia part 3
  • camellia family
  • japanese camellia

    IZU OOSHIMA Island camellia garden (164 photos)

    In 28 Feb 1998 I went to IZU OOSHIMA Island where is famous for camellias.
    In the camellia garden, I took 66 Japanese camellia photos.
    In hot house there are many American camellias , new Japanese camellias and camellia families, I took 88 American camellia photos and 10 other camellia photos.
  • American camellia part 1
  • American camellia part 2
  • American camellia part 3
  • American camellia part 4

  • Japanese camellia part 1
  • Japanese camellia part 2
  • Japanese camellia part 3
  • camellia families

    Jindai Botanical Park

    In 11 Feb. 2000 add 2 photos.
    In 22 Feb 1998 I took 19 camellia photos.
    I visited Jindai Tokyo Metropolitan Botanical Park in Choufu City in 31 Nov 1997.
    19 sasanqua photos and 34 camellia photos.

    In hot-house I found Yellow camellia (camellia chrysantha).

  • camellia part 1
  • camellia part 2
  • camellia part 3
  • sasanqua

    Ito city camellia garden

    I visited Ito camellia garden several times. 182 camellia photos in alphabetic order.
  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3
  • part 4
  • part 5
  • part 6
  • part 7
  • part 8
  • imported camellias

    In Dec 14 1997, I visited camellia garden.
    In Mar 9 97', I visited Ito City camellia garden. This winter was warmer, the flowers are good conditions. total 95 camellia photos.
    Jan 15 97' --- In last winter the heavy snow broke many camellia trees, but the conditions are good now. total 54 camellia photos.

    HIMURO camellia garden in CHIGASAKI city

  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3
    29 mar.1998
    many apricot stamen flowers ,total 74 photos

    Experimental Station for Landscape Plants

    Faculty of Agriculture , The University of Tokyo
  • part 1
  • part 2
    In Chiba city. 44 camellia photos. March 1998

    Kinder Land in Yokohama city

  • Kinder Land 5
    21 Mar. 2002, add 6 camellia photos.
  • Kinder Land 4
    25 Mar. 2001, add 24 camellia photos.
  • Kinder Land 3
    2 Apr. 2000, add 29 new camellia photos.
  • Kinder Land 1
  • Kinder Land 2
    52 beautiful camellia photos from Kinder Land in Yokohama City.(12 Apr.1998)

    My Garden

  • my garden 40 beautiful camellia photos from my garden;97 spring.

    Enoshima botanical garden

  • camellia photos of Enoshima botanical garden
    11 photos .. 1996 dec 14
    25 photos .. 1999 feb 28
    .5 photos .. 2001 feb 18

    oofuna botanical garden

  • camellia photos of oofuna botanical garden

    sasanqua photos of 96 fall

  • sasanqua photos of 96 fall many beautiful sasanqua photos from Kinder Land in Kanagawa Pref, my garden ,enoshima botanical garden and oofuna botanical garden.

    ..............1996 season ...............................................
  • camellias in Kanagawa Nature Center
    1996 mar 31, I visited Kanagawa Prefecture Nature Center in Atugi city in Kanagawa pref. Many beautiful camellia flowers in good conditions. there are 55 camellia photos.
    In May 19, I visited again, I took 12 photos.
  • camellias in my garden
    1996 Apr, I introduce my camellias in my garden.(Kawasaki city Kanagawa pref.) It was cold in winter , flowers come late in this spring.
  • camellias in OOSHIMA island
    1996 Feb 11-12 I went to OOSHIMA island where is famous for camellia . In the camellia garden I took many camellia photos.
  • camellias in Ito City Camellia Garden
    1996 Feb 26 I visited camellia garden in Ito city of Izu Peninsula. Because of unusual heavy snow in 19th of feb , many camellia trees were broken . In the camellia garden I took many camellia photos.
  • Oofuna Botanical Garden
    1996 mar 10 , I visited camellia garden in Oofuna Botanical Garden of Kanagawa Prefecture. In the camellia garden I took many camellia photos.
  • Jindai Botanical Garden
    Mar 17th 1996, I visited Jindai Botanical Garden of Tokyo in Chou-fu city. There are many camellias in good conditions. I took 38 photos, but the photos are not so good because of rain. There are big camellia trees.
  • Kawaguchi Green Center
    Mar 24th 1996, I visited Kawaguchi Green Center of Kawaguchi city. Camellia trees were displayed from two nurseries(Minagawa,Yoshizawa).
  • Saitama Botanical Center
    Mar 24th 1996, I visited Saitama Botanical Center of Saitama prefecture. There are many camellias in good conditions.
  • SHISEIDO Kamakura factory
    Mar 26th 1996, I visited Shiseido Kamakura factory in Kamakura city. There are many big camellia trees in the garden.
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